Current Members

Amuse Bouche’s members’ interests range from food network reruns to international espionage.  We participate in a number of student organizations each so you’re pretty likely to see our hands in any number of happenings both on and off grounds.  If you would like to join our ranks of comedy nerds we would love to see you at auditions!  Please check out our audition information page for more.

Our current members are:

Patrick Thedinga
President – Physical Incarnation of IMDB –
Patrick is a 4th year english major. He met Talib Kweli once, and it’s been downhill ever since.
Drew “Bab$” Kiser
Vice President – Fashion Consultant –
Bab$ is an African Queen turned college student who LOVES to party. He is majoring in English but still has trouble spelling “embarrassed.” When not wearing a floor-length black fur coat, Babz is buck naked save for some precious gems. His dream date is doing cocaine alone.
Elise Huppert
Treasurer – Rapscallious –
Elise Huppert is a 4th year member of Amuse Bouche from Arlington, Virginia, the cemetery part. Outside of Bouche she can be found performing with Hot Kids or judging u.Elise’s ideal man is a gay dog and she’ll tell you about her major another time.
Alex “Griff” Griffith
Public Relations – I Can Write Whatever I Want For My Thing, asdfdasdfdfasdfsda –
Garfington here is a 4th year History Major. His life is a perpetual after-school special where he’s constantly learning the importance of friends and non-drug fun, like skee-ball and Fruit by the Foot. This week, Griff and the token minority skip school to roller-blade, but Randall the janitor sets them straight and explains the value of hard work.
Bri Boyd
Deer in Headlights
Bri really is very not good at writing bios. She likes to spend her time seeing how long she can lay in her bed without moving. Bri currently has no idea what she wants to study, but has plans to become a cool person who is not bad. Her fingers are always cold but her toes are toasty.
Cam Bias
The Cute One
Cameron is a 4th year transfer student and only came here because space camp is closed when it’s not summer. Cam has a lot of interesting qualities that he would list for you, but he is a firm believer in “You shouldn’t trust everything you read on the internet,” so he won’t.
Sam Padgett
Bitcoin Salesman
Sam Padgett is a 3rd year Spanish major who likes spreading bitcoin awareness. Have you heard about bitcoins? Do yourself a favor and google them right now, you’ll be entertained for halves of hours.If you want to talk about bitcoins, make a phone call! Sam also performs in Hot Kids Comedy.

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