Show Calendar

Amuse Bouche performs frequently throughout the year both in and out of Charlottesville. Typically we host six shows a year — three per semester — but also perform as opening/accompanying entertainment in smaller gigs for other groups and their events such as Tom Deluca Hypnotism, UPC opening week, Dance Marathon, Sleep Out For The Homeless, Pancakes For Parkinsons, UVa Parents’ Weekend, and more!

Other improv groups we have performed with and their home towns include:

Death By Roo Roo (NYC) Upright Citizens Brigade Tour Co. (NYC)
Boy Toy (Austin, TX) Duke University Improv (Durham, NC)
CHiPs (Chapel Hill, NC) The Whethermen (Charlottesville, VA)
Bent Theatre (Charlottesville, VA) Toast! (Colombia, SC)
NouN Improv (Boone, NC) Mock Turtle Soup (Clemson, SC)
Nobody’s Token (NYC) Guthrie (NYC)

… and many more we forgot to mention!
If you’re interested in joining in the fun, please check out the audition information page for more.

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