Friends & Alumni

The great ranks of our alumni include:

Walter Keady
Walter graduated in 2015 with a degree in the stuff happening right now in the world. A consistently fun dude, in addition to his presidential duties as father figure of Bouche, he performed in La Petit Teet (now Hot Kids Comedy) and did stand-up. He is perhaps best survived by his roles as “Skeleton Wearing Make-Up” and “Doctor Treating Large Son and Small Son.” He currently works as a professional.
Kevin McVey
Kevin prefers not to admit he graduated. He’s from Stafford, VA and studied Computer Engineering and Architecture. Outside of improv Kevin performed with La Petite Teet and the Student Standup Club, he taught some okay classes in the E-School, and was a radio DJ for WTJU. Kevin’s life goal is to have a stranger make a Wikipedia page about him, no luck yet but he remains hopeful. Kevin now performs improv in Seattle, WA with Rock Bottom.
Ida Lindsey Knox
Ida Lindsey graduated in 2014 from the College with a degree in Chinese Language and Literature and $5 in her back pocket so she could buy a snack after the ceremony. While at UVa Ida also performed sketch comedy with La Petite Teet and occasionally let the Student Stand Up Club take advantage of her living room. She doesn’t tear the wrapping paper when she opens Christmas presents.
Emma Volpe
Emma Volpe is a 2014 alumna with a double major in Media Studies and American Studies. Currently residing in Nashville, Tennessee, Emma is now a 5th grade Social Studies teacher so more or less still gets to practice improvising everyday. This is one step closer to fulfilling her lifelong dream of being a year-round summer camp counselor. Recently got her first cavity but would rather not talk about it.
Purnam Jantrania
Purnam, once a child of the plains of Richmond, VA, graduated in 2014 with a major in Computer Science. He enjoys doors in general, but especially the outdoors. Purnam spends his time studying life’s more subtle mysteries, namely kerning. When not performing he is likely programming, helping people program, or knitting. Purnam now performs improv in Seattle, WA with Rock Bottom.
Dru Knox
Dru graduated in 2014 with a major in Computer Science. He’s from Roanoke, Virginia, the same as the lost colony. No, his hometown is not lost, but thanks for asking. In his spare time, Dru likes rock climbing and playing any sort of card game. Mostly just the card games, but he thought he’d sound cooler if he mentioned the rock climbing too.
Denise Taylor
Denise left us all for a better life in 2014 following her double major in Foreign Affairs and Middle Eastern Studies. When not improvising with Amuse Bouche she was often found writing and performing for La Petite Teet sketch comedy. In spite of all her heartless jokes about it, Denise really does support the production of hybrid fruit.
Madeleine Ward
Maddie Ward graduated in 2013 with a Comparative Literature major and aspires to be the makeup artist for KISS. This is the soundtrack to her life:;94
Yusef AlSuhaimi
Yusef graduated in 2013 with a [PRIVILEGED INFORMATION WITHHELD] major. He is half Saudi and half American, but calls Bahrain home. He performed sketch comedy with La Petite Teet. His biggest dream as a child was to one day have a British accent. He has not given up on that dream yet.
Adam Joseph
Adam Joseph graduated in 2013 as a Global Development Studies major from San Francisco, CA. Although he’s a rugged outdoorsman and traveler, Adam also enjoys the finer things in life, and can often be found modestly sipping a glass of cognac whilst engaging in lively intellectual discussions in the dead of night. Adam finds the scariest item in a doctor’s office to be cotton balls. Adam now lives in Las Vegas and his ghost can still be found performing there.
Korey Rankin

Korey Rankin is a graduate student finishing an M.S. in Electrical Engineering. He has a degree in Physics and minor in Mathematics from Bridgewater College where he participated in theater. In his free time he enjoys a variety of sports such as judo and rugby as well as playing guitar. His career goal is to be the guy who shoots frozen turkeys at airplane windshields because it has everything to do with electrical engineering and he means to prove it.
Jordan Pridgen

Jordan Pridgen is a Computer Science major who graduated in 2012 is currently working to translate his passion for film into a life-ruining drug habit. He is more impressed than most people by trained animals of all sorts.
Taylor Shank

Taylor Shank graduated with a degree in American Studies in 2012 with a focus on Popular and Visual Culture. He now lives in Los Angeles training with the Groundlings, while getting a tan on the side. (Editor’s note: SO REAL.) He has no idea that he actually wasn’t part of the cast, but is being part of the longest Punk’d ever.
Josh Luckenbach

Josh Luckenbach graduated with a degree in English focused on Poetry Writing in 2011. He performed sketch comedy with La Petite Teet. He writes music and poetry and the occasional joke which you can check out at his website, Josh Luckenbach also founded the Charlottesville based improv troupe The Founding Fathers with Phil Dameron before moving to Austin, TX.
Sam Taggart

Sam Taggart was a fourth year once. He then graduated in 2011. He has performed with Spectrum Theatre in Voices of the Class and was also an associate editor at The Declaration. He has been trained in improv at The Second City and the Annoyance Theatre in Chicago. He performed sketch comedy with La Petite Teet. When not performing, Sam likes to dress like pre-death Mr. Rogers. It’s a lifestyle choice. Sam now lives in Brooklyn where he started CUBE, a comedy variety show and MEAT, a sketch comedy duo.
Chelsea Stenger

Chelsea Stenger graduated in 2011 with a degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering. She performed sketch comedy with La Petite Teet. She was the co-founder and President of the UVA Crab Soccer Club, and has still never had a cavity. Chelsea has now become a real person and Amuse Bouche misses her dearly.
Phil Dameron

Phil Dameron graduated with a degree in English in 2011. In addition to Amuse Bouche, Phil was an associate editor for The Declaration and is now the guitarist and lead vocalist of the local Charlottesville band Left and Right. He performed sketch comedy with La Petite Teet. If it weren’t for Phil, Amuse Bouche would still think scrunchies were cool. Phil started The Founding Fathers with Josh Luckenbach before moving to Philadelphia with Left and Right.
David Sawchak

David Sawchak graduated with a BA in Computer Science in 2011. He has performed with Shakespeare on the Lawn. One day he hopes to work as a photographer. The day after that he hopes to retire.
Sasheer Zamata

Sasheer graduated in 2008 as Drama major, Media Studies minor from Indianapolis, IN. She is proud to be involved with the birth of Amuse Bouche. Sasheer has acted in and directed productions for Paul Robeson Players, First Year Players, Spectrum Theater, LiveArts Theater, and UVA Drama Department. Visit Sasheer’s website:
Sasheer is now a regular cast member of Saturday Night Live and stars in The Pursuit of Sexiness!
Josh Rachford

Josh Rachford graduated in 2008 as a Cognitive Science major. As an actor he has appeared in commercials, short films, videos for CollegeHumor and FunnyOrDie, and HBO’s The Newsroom. He is a longstanding member of the Story Pirates, an arts education organization that teaches kids creative writing and turns their stories into a musical sketch show. He was an early employee of Tumblr, has worked as a stand-up, taught chess, been a pizza delivery driver, and many other disparate weird things, not a single one involving Cognitive Science.
Natasha Vaynblat

Natasha Vaynblat graduated in 2009 with a degree in English. She has performed with Spectrum Theater and Shakespeare on the Lawn including Rosencrantz and Gildenstern are Dead and Voices of the Class. She has been a humor columnist for both the Declaration and the Cavalier Daily. Natasha completed the Teach for America program in New York City and now performs at Upright Citizens Brigade with her Harold Night team Guthrie.
Daniel Coates

Daniel Coates graduated in 2008 as a Political and Social Thought major from Arlington, Virginia. Daniel began improv in high school and always loved the spontaneity and freedom it provided. He hopes that the skills he learned from improv will come in handy later in life while trying to talk to his boss after screwing up at work. Or trying to impress girls. Or selling pretty much anything. Daniel participated in a number of activities around grounds. Among his favorites were being an RA and leading an ASB trip.
Ranjan Khan

Ranjan studied biomedical engineering, neuroscience, and film while at UVA. He joined Amuse Bouche during its formative years in 2007 and has worked both on- and off-stage with First Year Players, Spectrum Theater, and the UVA Drama Dept. He is currently chasing more accrediting documents at Washington University (St Louis), and eagerly awaiting the opening of a new improv theater in St Louis.
John McNamee

John McNamee is the Oldest Alumn of Amuse Bouche ever and will always be. Currently living in D.C. John is working as a writer for the Onion as well as a much less cool job. He also draws the comic strip Pie. (
Mary Becica

Mary Becica graduated with a degree in Architecture in 2009. She likely still haunts A-School halls and only leaves for comedy time.
Kai Chang

Kai finished his time at UVA in 2009 with astrophysics and cognitive science degrees, and a minor in dance. Currently living in San Francisco trying to cut it as a web developer. His favorite books on the art are Impro: For Storytellers (Keith Johnstone), A Thousand Plateaus (Gilles Deleuze) and Infinite Jest (David Foster Wallace).
Tanya Krimgold

Tanya Krimgold, from Mclean, Va, was an English major concentrating in Poetry Writing who graduated in 2008. Her UVA acting career includes performances in First Year Player’s production of Sugar and Spectrum Theatre’s ‘05 Voices of the Class. In time she was not Amusing or writing, Tanya sang with the Virginia Belles and pursued Feng Shui mastery. She is proud to share responsibility for the founding and creation of Amuse Bouche and is thrilled to spread the joy of improv to overworked Cavaliers grounds-wide. Improv is life, the rest is just set.

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